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Bring Your Book Project to Life

Ready to start your literary journey?

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Our Services

One on One

Literary Coaching

ManuPax offers individual literary and book publishing coaching services for aspiring authors and seasoned writers. We work side by side just like a personal trainer, assessing each of your needs, and helping you find the appropriate tools to achieve your goals in a per-month milestone basis. Coaching services are either in person, or long-distance by phone call or Skype. There are no limits for us!

Per Project


If you have a particular project you want to work on, we can develop a special project-based package just for you. This includes a work plan, work schedule, milestones setting and payment plan. No matter the size of the project, we can help you out!



Sometimes, you only need to make a simple, right to the point consultation regarding a specific topic. We can do that too. As a matter of fact, we do offer hourly on-call services by appointment. Please, find our contact information in order to schedule your FREE first consultation.

Dedicated Services

Literary Career


Keep writing, keep current, keep fresh! A writer needs to become the spokesperson for their book, so it's important that you  manage your own career as a public figure would. We'll coordinate blog appearances, collaborations for print media, photo shooting sessions, and everything that's needed in order to create a selling persona out of you, the author.


If you don't have the time or inclination to devote long hours to drafting a manuscript, we can help. Our ghostwriting services pairs you up with a consultant who'll be in charge of working alongside with you in order to capture the essence of what you need. In turn, the project is passed down to a team of writers who will draft the manuscript. 
Our team of researchers and journalists on-call can take over any investigative needs, no matter what topic. Rates vary depending on project or a per-hour basis.


Want to skip the queue and jump into the self-publishing arena? Our staff of experienced authors, editors and publishers will help you assess which choice suits your needs, whether it's print-on-demand, nationwide chains, or your small local press.

Sell your books effectively and reach your target audience by developing a foolproof plan. Know your readers, and you will know how to reach your message to them.

"Each author is unique, and we embrace that uniqueness. We develop a personalized strategy taking in account your resources, your vision, and your individual needs; and we transform all that into a path to success."

Manuel Páucar. Founder of ManuPax Literary Coaching

Ready to start your literary journey?

¡Gracias por contactarnos!

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